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VABB will work with you to find a plan that fits your needs and budget.....with speeds Wide Open!

(GB = Gigabytes of usage per month)
Casual Internet User:
Emailing, Surfing, Banking
$19.99 for 1GB/mo *
$34.99 for 2GB/mo *
$49.99 for 5GB/mo *
$64.99 for 10GB/mo *
Install: $149.99

Typical Internet User:
TV/Movie Streaming, Gaming
$79.99 for 25GB/mo *
Install: $100 (discounted)

Super Internet User:
Heavy TV/Movie Streaming, Gaming
$114.99 for 50GB/mo *
Install: FREE
Additional GB’s can be added in blocks 
of 10 for just $10/mo (that’s $1/GB)

Unlimited Plans:
Residential and Small Businesses
$225/mo with FREE Install
Large Businesses w/multiple connections

Returning Customers - Only $50 for a re-install.

* Usage overage fee for these plans will be assessed at $.02/MB ($20/GB). If excessive overages occur, our staff will contact you to discuss plans that will fit your needs and budget… we’ll work with you!

At VABB, you are wide-open to the fastest speeds possible given your location. Speeds can never be guaranteed by any Internet provider, that’s why VABB service plans are based on usage - the amount of information you upload and download in a month. This is the fairest way since heavy users consume more network resources than light users.

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