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What Are People Saying About Virginia Broadband’s Internet Service?

Read what our customers are saying about VABB’s high-speed Internet. If you need high-speed Internet services, call us at 540-829-1700.
5 Stars – Great Folks
Please praise everyone at VABB for their response and communication.  You guys have been great.  Just so many good folks over there from the people answering the phone to the gentleman who has been here twice.  Clean, courteous, respectful and clear communication skills made all of this go very smoothly.

-Tom Payette, Winemaking Consultant, Rapidan, VA (Orange County) – 12/03/2017

Thanks Tom for your praise and for allowing VABB to serve your family since 2006!  We’re also glad that magnolia tree is out of the way – you now have line-of-sight directly to the tower which improved your speeds from 1mbps to over 25mbps!  Now that’s an upgrade indeed!

5 stars - Excellent Customer Care
Thank you for your excellent customer service by allowing us to gauge our usage over the next month. We are very pleased with the speed and constancy of your broadband. We are currently making the transition between dish network and using broadband for our television provider solely.

- Diane U., Madison County  |  04/21/2017

Hello Diane... you are welcome! As a new customer we know it takes time to find the right plan for your budget and needs. That's why we always work with our customer and never charge a high overage fee. Glad to have you onboard the VABB connection.

5 stars - An Asset To Our Community
Your agency has been responsive, professional, and a joy to work with. We are glad that we found you in our community!

- National Counseling Group  |  04/21/2017

Thanks NCG! Really, really appreciate your comments. 

Backstory: An office complex with approx 10 staff. Wired providers in the building, but no response after months of asking for service. VABB is just down the street... they found us online, called, and within days they were up and running on a fast connection.

5 stars - What A Relief!
Ok, going from in-town cable provided internet to living in the country is hard… IP service is really a vital utility today. At first, I spent 10 months on an internet satellite provider… a provider that is the opposite of what they called themselves… (not exceeding my expectations) but when my bill was close to $700 for one month, that was enough. (I had their business package to get 100GB per month)

Quick story, after 90 days with this internet satellite provider, one has to pay for a service call close to $200. Stupid me, I thought such a provider would stand behind their equipment, after all, I am leasing it, right? I gladly paid the $210 to cancel my remaining contract.

I then called VABB and they took their time to look at my address, compare it with their coverage map and even though not firm commitment was made, we setup a site survey. The professionalism shown by the VABB personnel was awesome. They looked around my property and took their time to find the best radio antenna. Furthermore, they came to me and said, we can get you these “x” speeds for download and upload, but I (the tech) called another tech to bring out an even stronger radio antenna.

VABB worked with me to find the best place to hide the antenna and really, it’s cool… yes, I am a geek! I am very happy to report, about 34 up and 30 down, yes, it will vary, but come on, it’s out in the country! Given I was on satellite internet, paying double… and on a perfect day, 5 up and 10 down, I am just one happy customer… and I took advantage of their unlimited package. Yes, it’s more expensive than cable, but given the solution and an answer, it’s worth it. No issues with VPN, streaming Netflix and even 4k!

- John Halle Wilson  |  04/21/2017

Hello John, thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to review our services. I can't tell you how much satisfaction it gives our team to get speeds like that in the middle of rural nowhere. And the technology is getting better!

5 stars - They Treat Me Well
My service was disrupted due to the storm on Monday night. I called late Tuesday and was offered help on Wednesday. I requested a Thursday service call instead because I could be home. I was told to expect someone between 2 and 5. The guys showed up at Garrett and Greg were very pleasant, courteous, efficient and skilled. They had me up and going in no time. The modem took a hit and had to be replaced. I want better Wi-Fi in the rest of the house, and they advised me of options. They both are very good at what they do. VABB treats me well. I tell everyone about how much I like my internet service.

- Brenda J., Culpeper  |  06/26/2016

Thanks Brenda for your kind words. You have been a long and loyal VABB Customer since 2006 - THANKS!

5 stars - Well Deserved Kudos
In 2007, one of my County Supervisors pointed to lack of access to broadband service: "Broadband service is one of the essential attractants for the kinds of businesses that Greene's Economic Development Authority says it would like to bring to the County." Nine years later, in 2016, nothing had changed. Go figure the priorities of my County Supervisors... No one has internet on my road, except by using pricey cell phone data plans... CenturyLink will not install even basic DSL internet through their landlines and just does not care. I found VABB (VABB did not even imagine I could be a potential customer, living at the extreme edge of their service area) and VABB has been top-notch ever since. A superb installation - well thought of - so as not to damage the roof, the stucco or the stonework, a service that works (I am on the unlimited plan) most of the time (yes, there are a few down periods for no reason I can think of, but service pops up again within hours), I am happy, very happy... Back from Stone Age... and only because of VABB! Speeds mostly in the range of 8-15 Mbps, sometimes lower, sometimes as high as 24 Mbps. I am a VABB customer for life. Just want to thank the entire staff. Honestly, after 20 years in Northern VA, who could imagine that having internet access could even be a problem, an issue, a concern? And yes, it is for those living less than 2 hours south of DC! Thanks, VABB.

- Pierre Saverot  |  07/20/2016

Thanks Pierre (Green County) for your kind words. Yes, it is sad to see after 2 decades of Internet service availability, lack of Internet sources in rural areas still struggles. VABB is working with our local Counties to help fill the gaps, but it's a long, political process. In the meantime, VABB continues to invest our own profits back into our network to increase speeds, reliability, and to expand into deeper rural areas of Central and Eastern VA.

1  star - Is Zero Stars An Option?
Is zero stars available?? I am sorry for typos as I am posting this via my phone's data plan since my VABB connection is down... again. I have lived and traveled all over the world, predominantly in third world countries and I have never experienced the frequency of outages that I have with this company. I am really at a loss. They are several times more expensive than their competitors, yet the service is lacking in the extreme. I pay $225 per month for Internet that has frequent interruptions and outages. Why? I have no idea. Unless this company can address these issues and FINALLY AFTER ALMOST A YEAR remedy the cost vs. service issues I will soon be a very grateful and vocal ex-customer.

- Robert  |  05/16/2016

Thank you for your feedback and for taking my phone call. While your remarks are harsh, it's important that those reading our reviews get all of them, good and bad. You are correct in stating the outages - it's been due to electric issues at the broadcast tower that serves you. We are resolving that issue soon. Your service has been up and running continuously for 65 days, so fortunately it has not happened in a while. The second matter we addressed is the frequency used to delivering service - unlicensed 2.4GHz. Our technology and business model is based on delivering Internet to rural areas, you however live in a dense subdivision with wireless routers all around you that also use 2.4GHz. This may cause frequency interference. As much as we try to avoid this... it happens. Lastly, we discussed our pricing. You receive unlimited Internet (speed and Usage) for $225/mo. You are a heavy user as your usage chart indicates. Comparatively speaking, any other "wireless" service would cost much more than that and still have speed limitations. Wired services like cable and FiOS are less expensive (which you do have access to), but as I pointed out, our model is to reach those that have no other options. I would like to say to the readers of this review that this customer and I had a good conversation and are both satisfied with the outcome and future business together.

5 stars - This Takes The Cake!
I have been nothing but impressed with VABB's service all along, but this takes the cake! Last month we went over our usage limit, but instead of being charged, they [VABB] personally reached out to us, cleared the overages since we never go over, and provided recommendations on other plans to fit my needs and budget. After a long week at work, getting that news was a great pick-me-up.

- Stacy, Criglersville, VA  |   02/08/2016

Thanks Stacy for your kind review of our customer service - we aims to please.

5 stars - VABB SKY During Snow Storm
VABB recently installed their new VABB SKY satellite service at my home. Unfortunately they tried to install their [fixed wireless] service but I was just outside their current coverage area. However, VABB SKY has been doing great for our needs... it even worked during the horrible snow storm of Jan 2016. We really appreciate your crew working hard to make it work for us.

- Christen, Locust Dale Area  |  01/25/2016

5 stars - VABB Is Awesome
VABB has been AWESOME!!! Their staff is friendly, local, and answers the phone! Their tech team is responsive and eager to make sure the service is working at peak speeds. Unfortunately we had to move out of their coverage area, but if we could get their service in South Carolina, we would.

- Premiere Farms  |  08/04/2015

Thanks Premiere Farms... we'll miss you! We'll keep the "lights on" for the new owners of your house and the tenant in the cottage.

5 stars - Big Thanks Billing Department
Just wanted to express a big "Thanks" to the ladies in billing. Several months ago, our main computer was infected with malware (which managed to elude all of the malware, virus, etc.), and was being used as a slave. Our internet usage skyrocketed which meant a huge overage fee! When we finally figured out what was going on, I contacted VABB. The young lady worked with us as we resolved the problem and waived the GB overage fee. Thanks again for the great customer service and fast internet!

- The Cycle Center  |  05/02/2015

Thanks for your kind words neighbor (literally a stone's throw from our headquarters)!

FOR ALL READERS: This is an example of why VABB's price plans are usage based and not speed based. Our speeds are always wide-open to the fasted speeds possible given your location... and we never throttle down your speed. In this case, when we see abnormally high usage from a customer, we contact them to see if something has changed. This virus generated a lot of frivolous traffic on the network which burns up network resources for our other customer's... and potentially harming this customer's computer or business network. The Internet is a finite resource - the less frivolous traffic on it, the better for everyone.

5 stars - Thanks For The Network Notices
Very good to get all this information [Network Maintenance Notification]. I have noticed some problems, but I'm a big fan of VABB, so I'm not complaining. I'm very pleased you are doing all you can to ensure better service in the NEAR future. I've always counted on VABB to do the right thing.

- K. Johnston, Parish Mnt. Customer  |  05/01/2015

3 stars - Good, But Needs Improvement
First, I would like to say for basic surfing and email it is great. It consistently works in the worst weather and they are responsive in fixing outages that occur. However, I find that when I am trying to download large files or movies it often, not always, is either slow or it fails. So far they have been unable to provide a fix for this situation. I am still hopeful they will.

- Andrew Edwards  |  03/15/2015

Andrew - thanks for your feedback and kind words about our service. Wireless Internet technology has taken great leaps forward in the past few years and VABB is working hard to upgrade all service areas in 2015. You are currently on older technology that only allows a maximum of 3 Mbps in download speeds - great several years ago, but not in today's Internet intensive world. The good news is... WE CAN UPGRADE YOU NOW to speeds in the 15 Mbps range - plenty of speed for all your Internet needs. The moral of this story is... VABB is nimble and responsive to our customer needs - we will be out in a few days to upgrade this customer.

5 stars - Great Service
I love my VABB Internet service! It is great to have such reliable service in the middle of nowhere!

- Rachel Hayes  |  03/13/2015

Thank you for your kind remarks and your continued support of our services. We too are tickled that we provide Internet to those in remote rural areas.

We live in the middle of nowhere – thanks to you [VABB] we have broadband for my kid's homework and my husband’s business.

- Mark D., Cedar Mnt area

I can finally stream my favorite shows – thanks VABB!

- William C., Brandy Station area

Since your network upgrades – forget about satellite, I’m a VABB’r for life!

- Veronica H., Madison County

When our office cable goes out during a storm, my staff calls me to send emails from home because my VABB is always on.

- Wanda P., Rixeyville area

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