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The Wireless Networking Specialists

VABB specializes in all types of wireless networking from campus setups with Wi-Fi hotspots to special field events held within and outside our network coverage area. And… we’re perfect for large businesses paying outrageous T-1 and cable connection fees or still using slow DSL Internet to conduct your business.

Campus Setup

So you’d like to have Internet access in your outbuildings; workshop, garage, barn, pool house, or even in your backyard, no problem… VABB can install a campus network using a variety of radio frequencies to link your Internet service to any location on your grounds. While campus setups vary from project-to-project, for your pricing estimations, each building that is wirelessly connected would only be a one-time charge of $200/ea fully installed. Call us for details.

Success Story

A nationally known service dog training facility in Madison County, VA “Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers” www.sdwr.org is in the middle of nowhere. Not only is VABB able to provide them with high-speed Internet to their home / office, through a simple – low-cost campus setup, they now have Internet in all the dog kennels and horse barn… “sure beats walking back to the house to check emails and do research”.

Large Businesses

With VABB’s latest wireless technology, businesses can enjoy high-speed Internet at speeds much faster than DSL, T-1 lines, and in some cases even cable. If your business has line-of-site to one of our many broadcast locations, or if you are within a mile of a VABB tower, you can have Internet speeds in excess of 25 Mbps. And for business enterprises requiring large bandwidth, VABB can customize a wireless solution that will save you money. LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Ubuiquiti Air-fiber: Delivers up to 750 Mbps (equivalent to a fiber-optic cable connection) for maximum throughput at a fraction of the cost of running fiber-optic cable or connecting to a fiber provider.

Success Story

James Madison’s Montpelier needed Internet service to a house within their grounds… but it was a half mile away from their Internet network. Running cable from their network building to the house would have cost thousands and thousands of dollars. VABB connected the two buildings using wireless point-to-point technology, with speeds over 20 Mbps, at a cost well under $1,000.

Special Events

Are you holding a wedding, party, social or political event in the middle of nowhere, but you need high-speed Internet for credit card processing or other Internet activities? No problem… if you are holding your event within our service area, we may be able to provide Internet to your event for a special one-time fee.

Success Story

A bride-to-be called VABB a week before her wedding in a panic when she found out her wedding, held at the Rose River Farm in Syria, VA, had no Internet or cellular phone service… it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, VABB provides temporary outdoor Wi-Fi Hotspot service to the same Rose River pavilion that’s used to hold the annual Wounded Warriors / Healing Waters events for our Veterans. VABB assured her come wedding day she would have Internet there… and she did!
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