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Serving Central Virginia and the
Northern Neck Peninsula Area

The FCC's vote to repeal Net Neutrality on Dec. 14th, 2017 does NOT affect your VABB Service.
We consider all Internet traffic equal and we side with small business and local providers.

Our Privacy Guarantee:
As Your Independent Local Internet Provider,
We Will NEVER Sell, Track, or Capture Your Data!


Coverage Areas

Since 2004, VABB has been dedicated to providing high-speed Internet with speeds up to 30 Mbps or more in the rural areas and towns of Central and Eastern Virginia.

In business for 14 years, Virginia Broadband is a local company that offers better service than cellular internet. We specialize in getting deep into the rural areas where there is no internet coverage. There is low latency because it is fixed wireless coverage, not satellite. 

Click hereto check if your location is within VABB’s coverage area and to view our price plans or call 540-829-1700 and we’ll help you.
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Internet Plans

SPEEDS up to 30 Mbps!
All monthly plans come with the fastest speeds possible based on your location within our network.

Light, Casual Internet Surfing?
Why pay a lot… if you just use a little. Several plans starting as low as $19.99/mo

Are you a Gamer or Streamer?
Our robust network, fast speeds, and low latency are perfect for your needs.

We are VPN friendly and can provide static IP addresses for just $5/mo.

Earn a $50 credit on your invoice by referring a friend to our service.
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Wireless Technology

VABB uses the latest "FIXED" Wireless technology to provide high-speed Internet to your home or business - with speeds up to 30 Mbps in both directions! Speeds will vary depending on your location within our service area. Contact us for more details. 

AND… If we can't reach you with our Fixed Wireless service--

"We Still Have You Covered"

Ask us about our VABB SKY Internet service – an innovative way to provide high-speed Internet through satellite technology. If there are any issues with your service, a technician will visit. If we can't fix it, there is no cancellation fee.
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VPN Friendly
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