Page Updated 12-8-16:


Over the past 3 years, our team has been hard-at-work upgrading many of the broadcast towers that serve your area… and will continue throughout 2016-2017.  When your tower is upgraded, you have the opportunity to go from 1-3mbps speeds to 10-20mbps… in both directions!  With over 100 broadcast sites, it will take some time… but we have already upgraded many and have several scheduled in the summer and fall of 2016.

CALL US at 540-829-1700 and we’ll assess if your area has been upgraded.

Northern Neck Customers:  We’re coming!!!!  We hoped to start upgrading many towers in your are during the summer of 2016, but Mother Nature had other plans.  We have been busy re-equipping towers this summer due to lightning strikes.  WE have upgraded our White Stone tower and will be upgrading to the Reedville tower in late August 2016.

How do you know if your tower is upgraded… and if so, can you be upgraded too?
When we complete a broadcast upgrade, we contact the customers in that area.  If we don’t reach you, feel free to call 540-829-1700 or email and we’ll let you know.  There is a one-time fee to upgrade since it requires a complete re-installation with new equipment and cabling.  Our staff will explain the details.

Upgrades in SUMMER 2016:

  • White Stone (Lancaster County)
  • Gods Eye Mnt (near Reva)
  • Locust Grove Area (Orange County) – New Tower soon!
  • Brandy Station Area (Culpeper County)
  • Gibson Mill Rd Area (Culpeper County)
  • Blakey Mountain Tower – Our busiest broadcaster (affecting Madison County and
    parts of Orange and Culpeper Counties).  This upgrade has increased Internet traffic
    capacity to cure the slowdown that occurs during peak evening hours.
  • Scott Mountain (Culpeper County)
  • Meadows Farm Golf Course Area (Orange County)


Soap Box Derby – Culpeper County:  Culpeper is home to one of the finest derby tracks in the Country.  VABB is pleased to provide Internet service to their facility – not just for events, but year-round.  And we also participate in the “Corporate Challenge” where we get to race our own car down the track to raise money – what a thrill!!

Laila Rose Foundation:  Each year our VABB customer “Lakota Farms” in Remington holds a fund raising event with an auction.  VABB provides free Internet for the event so they can swipe credit cards.  Go to to learn how you can help provide financial assistance to families of children with medical needs.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing – Rose River Farms Event:  In late April (and several times a year) our customer and broadcast host “Rose River Farms” in Syria, VA hosts Project Healing Waters fishing events.  VABB is honored to provide free Internet access during these events.  In this neck-of-the-woods, with no cell service, the participants have no way to post pictures to facebook or check in with their family.  With VABB’s Hotspot, they can do that.

Lake of the Woods Lions Club – Food Closet:  In March, LOW Lions Club asked VABB for help.  They just moved into a new facility at the Locust Grove Towne Center, but had no way to access the Internet.  By having Internet service, they can go to an on-line database which allows them to track and record the recipients of their good will.  VABB answered their call by provided a special connection to our host broadcaster, and will continue to support their efforts with a special monthly plan.  Keep up the good work LOW LC!