Support & Alerts for Your Virginia Broadband Network

If you do not have access to the Internet, please try the following:

Step 1) Check our recorded network status:
Call 540-829-1700 or 804-436-9428 for the latest network status updates regarding service in your area. If service is interrupted, the recording will provide details and an estimated time when service will be restored.

Step 2) Cycle Power on Devices:
If your service issue is NOT due to a larger network issue (as announced on our network status recording), please try resetting all Internet devices by unplugging all devices from their power source; our modem, your router if you use one. Once all devices are unplugged, plug them back into their power source in the following sequence starting with our modem – wait a full two minutes. Then, if you have a router, plug it in as well. Wait one minute then try accessing the Internet.  You may also need to reboot your PC.  If all else fails…. step 3.

Step 3) Live Support:
Call 540-829-1700   or   804-436-9428   and listen to the prompts.  Or email us at

VABB will answer your call within a few rings and will return your email timely. If a representative is not immediately available, please stay on the line for the next available representative.  You will also have an option to leave a message.

LIVE support hours:
Monday through Friday:  8am to 8pm
Weekends/Holidays:  10am to 8pm
Support inquires after 8pm will be handled by our staff the following day.

Visit our FAQ page for more answers to your questions.



Contact us if you have any more questions.