Virginia Broadband’s Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy as of 5/15/2007

Virginia Broadband Privacy Policy

Virginia Broadband strives to ensure the best possible online experience that we can deliver. We created this policy in order to help our customers understand how their personal information is protected.

Please read the policy carefully. We encourage you to contact us at 877-299-8222 should you require clarification or need additional information about our services.

Collection and Use of Information

Because VABB property is typically situated on the customer premises, we collect name, physical and mailing addresses, telephone number(s), data about the purchased service, and billing/payment information (like the credit card number). Data collected is used to manage the customer account. In situations where VABB has been unable to connect a prospective customer, VABB retains the prospective customer’s contact and location information in order to help plan new areas of network expansion and for other purposes.

VABB may share personal information with select affiliates in order to help in delivering services to our customers. VABB does not share personally identifying information with any entities for the purpose of selling non-VABB services or products. VABB affiliates are not permitted to share VABB customer information with anyone else.

We use data you provide when you sign up for service to contact you in a variety of ways. VABB sends network service notices to your email address of record. We may send promotions and company notifications to you via contact methods you provided. If you order services from us, we may use your information to continue to provide you information about VABB-offered services/products that you may find valuable.

Online Activity Monitoring

VABB captures non-identifying information about online trends and use in order to plan, develop, and secure our network. For example, during routine operations, VABB will know that a VABB customer visited but we will not know which customer this was nor what they did on eBay’s site. We do capture and inspect data related to unacceptable usage of our network. VABB has sole discretion as to what constitutes unacceptable usage which results in data capture and inspection. Viruses and other malicious online activities are a fact of life. VABB operates a number of safeguards and monitoring tools which are used to minimize the effect of network threats. VABB collects and inspects packets in response to network problems, both perceived and real and will use the collected data in any way it deems appropriate to improve network stability and performance.

Special Cases

VABB will cooperate with subpoenas, court orders, law enforcement, and applicable local, state, and federal laws. We will handle special cases on a case by case basis. Where possible, we will make every attempt to notify our customers in advance of pending legal action. When this is not possible, we will comply with lawfully issued instructions.

Children Online

Parents are strongly encouraged to take an aggressive, active role in their children’s online activity. Websites like can provide invaluable help and information about how to protect your family from unwanted materials and influences.

VABB recommends that children ask a parent for permission before sending any personal information anywhere using the Internet. VABB does not monitor or control material sent or received from any user. VABB recommends that parents monitor all online use by minors.

Public Forums

A number of online forums collect, or require submission of, personal information. VABB has no control over nor any ability to effect recovery of information submitted to remote Internet destinations. Information disclosed online can and will be used by the operators of those web servers for purposes which VABB cannot control and will assume no responsibility. Users are reminded to carefully consider the choice to provide personal data to any online entity.

VABB Commitment to Data Security

VABB takes measures to protect the information under our control. We do our best to maintain the security of our systems but we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent third-party “hackers” from illegally obtaining this information. We do not ever sell customer data.

VABB’s privacy policy will evolve over time as we grow and adapt to new challenges and considerations in the ever-changing online world. We commit ourselves to making reasonable and judicious decisions with our customers in mind. We are glad to be your service provider. Contact us with any questions!