Learn About Virginia Broadband
High-Speed Wireless Internet

The Internet has created a fundamental revolution in the way we all communicate, learn, and share ideas.  It has been with us for so long, it’s hard to imagine life without high-speed Internet – yet, Broadband Internet Access is still not a reality for 40 million rural Americans.

To help those living in the beautiful rural areas of Central and Eastern Virginia, in 2004, VABB built one of the largest fully secured and robust wireless networks in the Commonwealth of Virginia “… from the Blue Ridge to the Bay…” serving homes, businesses, and non-profit organizations in 17 counties.  You too can enjoy the freedom of a high-speed broadband connection with VABB.

What is VABB?

Virginia Broadband is a high-speed Wireless Internet Service Provider – “WISP”.  To learn more about how  small WISPs across the nation are helping millions of people access the Internet – click on the WISPA logo to the right.

VABB customers connect to the Internet using radio spectrum to reach your location from over 100 broadcast sites. VABB broadcast sites transmit a radio signal to a small antenna placed on your home.  A VABB technician will install the antenna, cabling, and inside radio device and have you connected to the Internet!

VABB also provides “Campus” WiFi systems to help you connect all your outbuildings to the Internet using point-to-point radio antennas and other HotSpot technologies so you can enjoy the Internet from anywhere on your grounds.  Check out our campus success story.

Businesses with multiple buildings within sight of each other can connect them all to one network… WIRELESSLY.  No need stringing cable to the buildings at the cost of thousands of dollars when you can simply install a few outside antennas to complete a campus network.  Check out our business success story.

Check out our technology to learn more about  what VABB can do for you.


VABB delivers a true broadband connection that allows you to enjoy the Internet the way it is meant to be—FAST.

We have several affordable plans to choose from depending on your needs. Check out our broadband data plans. We are VPN friendly, and have an always on instant connection!