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  • ... and you thought you had no other options
    for high-speed Internet in rural Virginia.

    Since 2004, VABB has been dedicated to providing high-speed Internet with speeds up to 15mbps or more in the rural areas and towns of Central and Eastern Virginia

Pass up Dial-up, Satellite, Cellular and Cable – VABB’s Wireless Internet service is FAST!

Coverage Area & Plans

Click on “Learn More” to see if your location is within VABB’s coverage area and to view our price plans. Or call 540-829-1700 and we’ll help you. We have monthly plans for all types of Internet users With pricing as low as $19.99/mo… We Have A Plan For You!

- Light, Casual Internet Surfer

- Heavy Gamer/Streamer

- Require a VPN connection for work

Our Wireless Technology

VABB uses the latest wireless technology to provide high-speed Internet to your home or business. By broadcasting a radio signal from one of our many towers, silos, and other high structures in your area, VABB delivers Internet speeds in the 15mbps range or higher… in both directions!

Unlike Satellite Internet that travels 22,000 miles up and down with each web page requested, VABB’s service is only 1 to 10 miles from you – allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet … even when there’s bad weather. Learn More about our services compared to other providers…


Read what our customers are saying about VABB’s high-speed Internet.

“We live in the middle of nowhere - thanks to VABB we have broadband for my kids homework and my husband’s business” – M Davis

“I can finally stream my favorite shows – thanks VABB!” - W Campbell

“Since your network upgrades – forget about satellite, I’m a VABB’r for life! – V Holmes


Click on “Learn More” for a list of non-profit organizations VABB proudly supports with Internet service

Network Upgrades: Feb-March 2015

VABB is actively upgrading and expanding our services in many areas.

Click on “Learn More” to see our progress.

- Meadows Golf Course Area – Locust Grove

- Cedar Mnt Area - Culpeper

- Spotswood Drive Area - Germ. Coll. Rt 3